Do not dig into us, we are not dead yet

ČR, 2012, 24 min., M. Hertlová, T. Hirt, L. Hollerová,

Czech Republic, 2012, 24 min., M. Hertlová, T. Hirt, L.Hollerová

Do not dig into us, we are not dead yet… This was the response of Czech “tramps” when archeologists came to investigate their camp founded in the 1960s. Czech “tramping” represents an independent and well-established movement. “Tramps” focus their leisure time on activities inspired by the ideals of the American “Wild West”. This movement, rooted in more general traditions within the Czech society, must be understood as a legitimate life-style based on the values of nature and adventure. This ethnographic film shows the ritualized ways of dealing with the dominant mass society culture exemlified in the assumption of archeologists that “tramping” is something extraordinary and peculiar to certain periods and the resistance of “tramps” seeking to justify their leisure time preferences as legitimate modes of being.

Directors: Monika Hertlová, Tomáš Hirt, Lenka Hollerová

Production: Studio vizuální etnografie při Katedře antropologie FF ZČU

Language of dialogues: CZ, EN

Language of subtitles: EN

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