Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology (DA) is an educational, scholastic and research institution under the  Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at the University of West Bohemia . The department provides education in the academic fields of Social and Cultural Anthropology on both Bachelor’s and Post-graduate (Master’s) levels and Ph.D. in Ethnology. The purpose of education is to provide students with theoretical, practical and methodological training for the professional sphere in the role of specialists in areas mainly relating to the cultural and social diversity of contemporary complex societies. Graduates of the Bachelor’s and post-graduate programs in Social and Cultural Anthropology commonly find positions in various educational and research institutions, in the sphere of state and local governments, in non-governmental organizations, museums, archives, media and also the commercial sector. Aside from the classic anthropology study of “native” populations, DA’s education aim also encompasses issues of migration, the study of social exclusion, minorities and homelessness, new social religious and identity movements, and also the field of material culture, electronic media, ethnographic film or development and humanitarian issues.

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