August 9, 2015
Welcome drink


Firs week, August 10. - 16, 2015
Klara Trencsenyi, Vlad Naumescu, Petra Lupták Burzová

Introduction to the course
Setting up teams
Cours intro: Thinking film
Find your story
Social Inquiry and the Nature of Film
Basic camera functions
Camera exercise: One-Shot Sequence
Appraisal of camera exercise
Shooting to Edit, Building a Sequence Structure
Shoot Sequence Exercise
Observation as filmmaking
Film screenings
Camera work: lighting & audio
Sound Exercise
Appraisal of sound exercise
Shooting exercise on location
(Exploring AŠ and surroundings)
Camera moves
Theory of montage
Exercise and appraisal
Narrative structure – telling a story
Style and Aesthics 
Informed Consent and ethics 
‘Pitch your story’
Group Project consultations
Filming Days

Masterclass: Peter Kerekeš


Second week, August 17. - 22., 2015
Lecturers: Šimon Špidla, Jan Šípek, Adam Olha, Petra Lupták Burzová

Wrap-up shooting experiences
Introduction to editing suite
Timeline Assembling
Viewing timeline assemblies
Preparation for additional shooting (group session)
Individual consultations
Rough cut editing
Additional shooting
Appraisal of rough cuts
Fine cutting
Appraisal of fine cuts
Fine editing: sound/color
Fine editing
Outputting films
Reviewing film projects
Public screening with professionals: Jana Cisar, Peter Zach, Antropofest
& party 


August 23, 2015





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