Accommodation will be provided in a guest house Nad hradbami in the city of Žlutice (www.penzionzlutice.cz ). The guest house offers double rooms and three bedrooms (due to the limited capacity it is not possible to provide a single room). The price for accommodation includes breakfast.

Financial information

Detailed information here.


Breakfast is included in the price for accommodation. For other meals there is an opportunity to eat at the hotel restaurant (a la carte/full board/half board) or at other places in the town. One meal can approximately be budgeted 125 CZK (5 €). Estimated living costs are 150 € for two weeks including local transportation and meals.

Towns and municipalities in surroundings

Bochov, Manětín, Toužim, Chyše, Nečtiny, Pšov, Štědrá, Valeč, Rabštejn nad Střelou
Official web sides of the towns and municipalities you can find at www.zlutice.cz

Local Transportation

Local bus transportation operated by VV Autobusy s. r. o. offers regular lines between:
Žlutice – Bochov – Karlovy Vary
Žlutice – Toužim – Mariánské Lázně
Žlutice – Chyše – Valče – Lubence
For more information visit the company’s web side www.vvautobusy.cz or www.idos.cz

Useful links

Map of the guest house (Žlutice, ul. 5. Května)
Penzion Nad hradbami www.penzionzlutice.cz
Official web page of the city of Žlutice www.zlutice.cz
Official web sides of surrounding towns www.zlutice.cz/cs/msta-a-obce-v-okoli
Go on a trip www.penzionzlutice.cz
Local transportation www.vvautobusy.cz or www.idos.cz

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